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How Long is Army Basic Training?

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How long is Army basic training?

The basic training will last ten weeks. These ten weeks are split into four phases; yellow, red, white, and blue. Each stage is designed to ease you into army life where you’ll learn the core skills, values, and discipline needed to make it to the end of the course.

What you can expect with basic army training

So what can you expect from this ten-week course? Here’s a breakdown of each phase.

Yellow phase – weeks 1 to 2

Adapt to army life and learn about discipline, traditions, teamwork, and army programs. These include physical training, tactical training, first aid, and sexual harassment prevention programs.

Red phase – weeks 3 to 4

Get the hands-on experience of being a soldier by handling weapons and equipment. You’ll also get obstacle courses as well as learn hand-to-hand combat skills.

White phase – weeks 5 to 7

Level up your weaponry with rifle training and master how to work within small teams. This phase also includes combat development, as well as field training at The Anvil.

Blue phase – weeks 8 to 10

Finally, the last phase, is where you’ll apply everything you’ve learned so far. With advanced weaponry, marksmanship, and navigation courses, it’s all you need to help come out the other side successfully. 

If you’re looking into training with the army, these basics will give you an idea of what to expect.